I work on a project by project basis. If you think you might want to hire me as a writer, to collaborate on a project, or use my help finding the heart of your story, idea, or brand, get in touch and we'll take it from there. 

To hire Herclayheart as a writer + photographer team, or to publish any of our already existing work, email us at herclayheart@gmail.com



I worked with Hanne to write my bio and artist statement - projects that have always been intimidating and challenging for me to do on my own. Her style of writing is natural and effortless, but it's her ability to ask the right questions that make her a real pro. Her approach to inquiry helped me simplify and distill my thoughts, and even helped ME understand myself better. She worked hard to get a sense of who I was so she could write & edit with context - super necessary for a project as personal as this.

-Allison Kunath, artist


I recently sat down with Hanne to share an idea I had for a story. It was a quick five minute conversation to go over the main points. Three days later Hanne emailed me with a seven page draft. She has taken my ideas and expanded them in the most beautiful language, weaving my random thoughts into a cohesive narrative that read fluidly. Hanne has a gift for finding the seed of your story and turning it into a blossoming tree. I highly recommend getting her input on any serious writing you are planning on doing. 

—Thomas Brodahl, graphic designer


Before working with Hanne I would ask friends to edit my writing. That always worked out fine but I had to juggle schedules around and push repeatedly to get the text back on time. Hanne didn't wait for the deadline. She edited my work and sent it in two days before I needed it, which gave me time to really delve into what she had sent back. Her editing is clear, comprehensive, and to the point. I love my friends but when it comes to editing, Hanne is the better choice. 

—Hector Pahaut, designer


Hanne is a delight to work with. She has a keen eye for detail and works thoughtfully and efficiently. Her insight is spot on and I look forward to collaborating with her again. 

—Bristol Baughan, TED fellow, author, filmmaker, coach