Lovers Shirts

Lovers Shirts is an on-going collaboration between Los Angeles based writer-photographer duo Herclayheart exploring the myriad feelings our lovers’ shirts inspire in us.
We bear witness to the complexity of the human experience of romantic love through the mundane and universal token of a lover’s shirt, and the unique expression of the person who wears it.
The project went viral in 2014 and has been published all over the world.

My level of commitment to this person is terrifying.
And I don’t know how not to commit.


He bought me flowers and taught me to drink tequila.
It’s as though he’s still here.


There’s a part of me that wants to rip it off.


Even if it’s painful, we need to hold onto something.


For someone I won’t be something that will be so easily shed.


It’s some sort of common thread between us.


There’s an absence every time I look at this shirt.